History Of Kalon Farms

We are often asked about the name of our farm and how we chose Kalon Farm. The name came from two very important places: First, Keith’s Family is predominantly Greek, The Greek translation of Kalon is Beautiful, and we feel that this is a good representation of our feelings toward farming and our operation. Growing up with a love for cooking and great food from our grandparents a natural fit and calling was to raise and grow only the finest of meats and foods for our family. Secondly as we have many interests and hobbies, one has blown up to a part of our operation, Hillside Cellars. Our Winery, Hillside Cellars has grown into a very important part of our business.

history of Kalon

We supply our wine & meats to many local restaurants and retailers. Our love for the winemaking process along with the vineyards we manage has grown over the years. Robert Mondavi owns one of the oldest 1st growth vineyards in the country and is seen as one of the most valuable vineyards in the United States. It is called To Kalon, “The most Beautiful” in ancient Greek. We are first generation farmers of this size farm, our families have always raised animals and made wine. We hope to be able to pass our passion and knowledge to our children and families.

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